Halili Village Primary School:

We at ZA.NA Recruitment Services believe in giving back to the community.                                              (Visit our Facebook page)

We have discovered a small inland village School, 34 km west of Rundu, approximately +-2km from the Rundu /Nkurunkuru main road toward the north. The school is reachable by way of 4x4 vehicles only. Most of the pupils have never been beyond their village. Basic needs, such as water, food and clothes are an absolute luxury should they receive it at all. Many of these young children walk long distances to attend school and receive little food.

ZA.NA Recruitment Services, 2 years ago established a support structure for Halili Village Primary School providing them with stationary, clothes and various donations. We have been supported by a number of other sponsors, named below, and we are appreciative for each contribution made by them.

We are currently a proud sponsor of the Namibian SPCA through which the Paco magazine, an editorial booklet in which different animals from around Namibia are discoursed, is issued on a monthly basis. It also contains additional educational and entertaining content. ZA.NA, each month, sponsors 100 magazines and we are also privileged to have supporting sponsorship in this regard

We thrive in uplifting the Halili Primary School in respect of their basic needs and believe that such support is critical in the development of the Namibian youth.

Main Sponsor: Za-Na Recruitment Services (Michelle Jacobs)
Dr Fanie Marais: Bibles (South Africa)
Rino Ströh: School shirts (South Africa)
Sabina Eisenhauer and Michael Cook: School shirts (Germany)
Pako: Books (Namibia)
Taranga Safari Lodge: 3-legged cast iron pot (Cobus Bruwer)

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