Company Profile:

Za.Na RECRUITMENT SERVICES is a well-recognised National and International Recruitment House, since 1998.With offices in Windhoek, Namibia (Na ), Pretoria, South Africa (Za) and Global networks, we are well ahead in the Recruitment Market.

Za.Na RECRUITMENT SERVICES delivers exceptional services to our Clients and Candidates due to updating and adapting to the latest technology trends in the marketplace. Our 100% match ratio at clients is a testimony of our dedicated service and expertise. We select only top candidates for our database and assure a detailed Curriculum Vitae is submitted to our Client. Top A candidates often do not have the time to do job hunting, we have them on our database to help them find their ideal job at your Company. We also visit our Clients to insure the candidate’s personality, knowledge and skills fit our Client’s culture and surroundings.

Za.Na RECRUITMENT SERVICES’ candidates are handled professionally and their expectations are highly valued. We assist our candidates in drafting a detailed and professional CV. We also seek the most ideal and suitable position for you in the market, no fees required.

In our quest to find the right candidate it is our aim to ensure that personality, knowledge and experience matches the position to be filled. Our networking capabilities allow us to cater for a wide range of positions and to find candidates for these.

Because of our outstanding performance we are the exclusive recruitment company used by a number of our clients. The rate of referral by both client and candidate place us in a highly recommendable position.

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